Rescue on White Thunder (2012)


Will They Make It in Time?

Mike Braddock, a former hotshot, has settled into a quiet life in Pine Creek. He meets Annie Keener, a writer, new to Pine Creek. As their relationship develops, trouble brews. One innocent morning, Braddock’s best friend Jim Dunlap receives a call that will change their lives. A man named Spider, hell-bent on revenge, tells Jim that he and his boys are coming to town to exact their revenge. The pastoral town of Pine Creek is put on alert based on the threats of a vicious motorcycle gang. Once in Pine Creek, Spider and his crew kidnap Annie and take her to the top of White Thunder Mountain.

Then Spider hatches a devious plan: set the mountain on fire. To save Annie, Leonard Laughing Bear, the local medicine man, must unleash the Great Thunderbird, the guardian Spirit that lives on White Thunder Mountain. Meanwhile, Braddock, Jim, police, fire crews, and rescue teams must find a way up the burning mountain to save Annie – and the mountain.
A little romance, some suspense, plenty of action, and the help of Native American spirits come together to create a gripping tale of good overcoming evil.

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