Early Words

In my previous post, Walking and Writing Down Memory Lane, I wrote about discovering my early works. Today I added the poems to my computer files; I’ll add the lengthy papers later. As I typed the words, I wondered what I’d been thinking/feeling/experiencing at the time. They were mostly written, according to the dates, during my senior year of high school – a year no more or less traumatic than the other three years, as I recall (but I could be wrong). Home life was, as always, precarious, so perhaps this is where the sadness and despair in my words originated. I’ve decided to share some of these early words with you – feel free to comment and I hope they touch a place deep in you. I don’t know that I identify with those early words as much as I once did; I like to believe I’ve become a bit more optimistic over the decades. Wisdom, after all, does come with age (well, so do wrinkles but we won’t talk about that here).

Blank Mind

Blank mind.

Must think.

Keep mind ever-moving.

Thoughts drift –

Clouds in semi-windless skies.

Blank mind….

Blank mind.

What is real?


Untold stories –


Understanding much about nothing.

Blank mind….

Empty head.

Air pockets swiftly passing….




Understood, yet.

Thoughts of thoughtlessness.

Empty head….

Blank mind.

Empty feelings.

Passages of senses.

To nowhere.

Seeing nothing.

Knowing everything.

Numb…wandering…roaming to find…BLANK MIND.

A Question of Depth

Body connects us…

To the soul…

To the ever-deepening cavities

Of ourselves.

We are not deep,

But mere shallow molds…

Showing nothing

But what is to be seen.


Searching for

What should be seen.

Frightened depths hide away –

We do not show…

We parade nothing but

What is expected.



Do not show


It hurts;

It frightens…

Much too deep…

Don’t go too deep…

It’s not right…

Stay hidden

Among the relics of the soul….

Everything is much too deep………

©All rights reserved for original work (1979, 2016).


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